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Welcome — this private area contains information for CHA of BC Members only.

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  • All Members private area:
    • Know your Association:
      • Constitution & By-Laws
      • Board of Directors — positions and terms, responsibilities, tasks, etc.
      • Herbal Therapists’ Standard of Practice
      • RHTs’ Pledge
      • BC Government and its regulation of Societies
    • eNewsletters, Annual Reports, AGM News Updates.
    • List of Herbal References and other information available to all members
    • Projects, and how join a project sub-committee
  • Professional Members private area:
    • Know your Association (as above)
    • Professional Membership Renewal and Continuing Education Reporting
    • Herbal Distributors and Suppliers
    • Business Tips (general info on creating a business, website, clinical practice documents, etc.).