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To RENEW your membership, please complete the steps listed below.

(If you are applying for the first time CLICK HERE and follow the application process.)

1. Download the appropriate PDF/Word application form from the following list:

Professional RHT renewal: PDF VersionWord Version

  • Professional RHT Renewal: Leave of Absence: PDF Version
  • Professional RHT Renewal: Retired Member: PDF Version

Professional Herbal Advocate renewal: PDF VersionWord Version

Associate Membership renewal: PDF Version Word Version

Student renewal: PDF VersionWord Version

Corporate Sponsorship renewal: PDF VersionWord Version

2. Complete your application, adding pages as necessary.

3. Move all supporting documents into a single folder on your desktop.

4. Return to this renewals page and CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD YOUR APPLICATION.

5. CLICK HERE to make your online payment via PayPal.