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Herbal Medicine Awareness Week — May 1 to 7, 2013

Herbal Medicine Week has been building momentum in the UK and throughout North America including Canada. This week is a great opportunity to:

  • Meet your local herbalists in your neighborhood at malls, health food stores, libraries and other public areas.
  • Learn about Herbal Medicine and how it can support and nurture our health and vitality; how it can help empowering the body to choose its recovery path from disease.
  • Learn of ways in how herbal medicine may help address many of the health concerns for which one may have tried “everything else”.
  • Learn ways to integrate herbal medicine into your life.
  • Find out the difference between a Clinical Herbal Therapist, a Naturopath, a Homeopath, a TCM herbalist, etc.

A call to all herbalists: the CHA of BC invites all herbalists to help promote our nature’s pharmacy — herbal medicine — by offering talks, demonstrations, library displays, herb walks, guided tours of herbal gardens and more to the general public.

CHA of BC Professional Members: please email us details of your activities so we can assist you in promoting your events. NOW is the time to begin planning your events.

CHA of BC 2011-2012 Annual Report

We would like to take this opportunity and share with our members the progress, successes and challenges of the various projects we have worked on during this past fiscal year — June 2011-May 2012. We also take this opportunity to give thanks to the effort and work of our volunteers:

  • 2012 AGM – the Association would like to thank the board of directors and all members who contributed in any way making this year’s AGM a success. It was wonderful to see and reconnect with all those that attended. Please visit our website to get acquainted with our new Board of Directors.

We like to offer special thanks to our two AGM guest speakers — Klaus Ferlow and Holly Fourchalk — for their presentations and sharing with our members their knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

  • Membership – We thank all our members who renewed their membership. We welcome our three new Professional RHT members who took the Pledge Ceremony at the AGM: Candice May, Lindsay Hounslow, and Lauren Truscott.

We also like to express our gratitude to our corporate members for their sponsorship and support – Dominion Herbal College, Ferlow Botanicals, UNION NATURE Aroma-Phyto Inc., Botanica, Gaia Garden, and Padmashri Naturals Inc.

Last, many thanks to Denise Galbraith and Chanchal Cabrera for all her work looking after memberships and the application process.

  • eNewsletter – special thanks to our newsletter editor, Katolen Yardley for all her work, and to all others who contributed to the success of our newsletters this past year. We encourage all members to support Katolen by submitting articles, up-coming events, etc. We would also like to thank in advance anyone that would like to offer help with editing and formatting.
  • Herbal Medicine Awareness Week (HMAW) – during the past few years, the CHA of BC has been working in establishing the first week of May as HMAW – a week dedicated to raise awareness and promote Herbal Medicine in our communities. Unfortunately, this year we didn’t have the man-power to get the project underway. We ask all our members to consider helping in the successful realization of HMAW.
  • Promotional Rack-card – we were happy to distribute the rack-cards at the AGM. These cards represent a practical and economical way for our members to promote their services, herbal medicine, and our Association. We like to encourage all our members to make use of these cards by placing their professional contact information on the area provided at the back of the card, and distribute them to their clients, friends, family, or place them in public places such as stores, libraries, and community centres. We would like to present our thanks to Jazz Mattu for making the rack-card a reality.
  • Website – We have been trying to enhance the website with a database log-in capabilities, and automate most of its functionality as much as possible to lessen the burden associated with its regular updates and maintenance. Unfortunately, after collecting many quotes from a variety of website designers, we discovered that the associated cost was too high for the Association to cover it at this time. We have decided to postpone this enhancement until the funds have been raised for it. In the mean time, we are in the process of migrating the website to a WordPress platform that will allow us to offer some private pages for our members. Many thanks to Julieta Criollo for looking after our website, its updates, and maintenance.
  • Revision of our Constitution – The Committee has been working this past year in the revision of our constitution and by-laws. Although progress has been made, there is still work to do. We are hoping to be able to present a draft to the board of directors before the end of this year. Many thanks to Chanchal Cabrera and the constitution committee for their efforts and work in this significant project.
  • Canadian Council of Herbal Associations (CCHA) – An ongoing project at the national level. The past couple of years the CCHA has been developing standards (e.g., code of conduct, code of practice, etc.) that provincial associations can use them as they are, or adapt them as needed. We thank Paula Skalnek, our current representative, for all her time and work with the CCHA. We are currently looking for a second representative or someone to help with associated CCHA tasks. Please let us know if you would like to get involved in this important project.
  • Educational Standard – as mentioned above, the CCHA has been developing various standards, including an educational standard. This document is now ready, and a Committee will soon review it, and if needed to revise it to fit our Association’s needs. We thank Paula Skalnek for her contribution in developing this document at the CCHA level.

We would like to invite all our members to get involved in active support of the Association by contributing a few hours a month to the diverse projects on hand.

Professional members, please note – the time contributed may be used to earn ‘Continuing Education Units (CEU) points (20 CEUs per year are required for professional RHT members and 10 CEUs per year for professional Herbal Advocate members).

Before signing off, we thank each one of you who has contributed in time, deed and any other way to the tasks of the Association. Special thanks to each one who has served, and is serving on the Board.

Thank you again for your support of the CHA of BC.