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To become a member, please complete the steps listed below.

1. Download the appropriate PDF/Word application form from the following list:

Professional RHT application: PDF VersionWord Version

Professional Herbal Advocate application: PDF VersionWord Version

Associate Membership application: PDF VersionWord Version

Student application: PDF VersionWord Version

Corporate Sponsorship application: PDF VersionWord Version

2. Complete your application, adding pages as necessary.

3. Move all supporting documents into a single folder on your desktop.

4. Return to this membership page and CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD YOUR APPLICATION.

5. CLICK HERE to make your online payment via PayPal.

If you are applying for RHT status and HA status your pending application and files will be reviewed by the Peer Review Board and Membership Committee and you will be contacted to set up a date and time for your peer review for membership.
If you are applying for a student membership, there is a one time application fee of $ 5.00 due at the time of application.


If you are applying for Corporate or Student status your membership application has been submitted and will be reviewed by the membership committee and you will be contacted for approval of your application.

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