CHA of BC Professional Members

Professional Liability Insurance

For professional members of the Canadian Herbalists Association of British Columbia, there are  very comprehensive & affordable insurance policies available. This insurance program is ideal Herbalists & other professions, which offer’s an “individual” policy comprising E&O (malpractice or Professional Liability), Herbal remedies coverage, Products Liability and General Liability together as a package each to complement your specific “scope of practice.”

The rates for Herbalists start at $175 for 1,000,000 General Liability & 1,000,000 professional liability coverage.

Other advantages of this policy include:

  • Greater range of coverage for the modality of professional practices.  This allows the practitioner to include to their scope of practice 90 other modalities to give them a competitive personal edge in the marketplace
  • Portability of Insurance. The coverage allows practitioners to carry the insurance from one location to another, not restricted to one place, or province within Canada .
  • Fast and efficient processing time.  72 hours of processing time from the initial application to final approval.