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(per issue)
(per issue)
Regular Articles (per ½-page) $50.00 FREE (*)
Infomercials (*) (per ½-page) $50.00 $37.50 (*)
Pre-designed Ads
(per issue)
(per issue)
Business Card size $20.00 $15.00 (*)
One-Quarter Page size $30.00 $22.50 (*)
Half Page size $50.00 $37.50 (*)
Three-Quarter Page size $75.00 $56.25 (*)
Full Page size $100.00 $75.00 (*)
Pre-designed Ads
Per month $20.00 $15.00 (*)
Per 3 months $50.00 $37.50 (*)
Per 6 months $90.00 $67.50 (*)
To display thumbnail or ad-tittle of website margin add 50% to prices above add 50% to prices above (*)
(e.g., text-ads, classifieds ads)
(25% discount
or Free if applicable)
Newsletter $0.40/word $0.30/word or FREE (*)
Website $0.40/word $0.30/word or FREE (*)
Both (Newsletter & Website) $0.60/word $0.30/word or FREE (*)

To submit an article or ad:

    • Ad Application Form: PDF versionWord version
    • Pre-paid submission — if an article or ad does not qualified as ‘free of charge’, then submissions must be pre-paid. Please fill and submit the ad application form with your payment as indicated in the application form.
    • Free of charge submissions — if you are a member, and the article or ad qualifies as a “Free of Charge” submission, then please log into the “All Members” private area for the email(s) to use to submit your article or ad. When submitting a text-ad, please give the information outline within the Ad Application Form.

(*) – Notice:

  • Newsletter advertisement rate is per issue, website advertisement rate are as specified above.
  • Prepayment required.
  • Same rate for both b/w or color. No surcharge for color.
  • Regular articles: please refer to the Article Submission Guidelines.
  • Infomercials: generally, an article will be considered an infomercial when its content (not the author contact and/or bio information) makes reference to, or is about — a product, a company, an event (not an exhaustive list); or its content is promoting a product, a company, an event, individuals, etc.
  • Member discount (25% of regular prices, or FREE of charge)  applies when:
    • The postings appears under the name of the CHA of BC member(s). A posting may appear under the name of a corporation only if the corporation is also a sponsor of the association.
    • Any person(s) mentioned in the ad are all members of the CHA of BC.
    • Any corporation, web-link(s), or website(s) mentioned in the ad are of those own by CHA of BC member(s) — not third party names are allowed except via regular paid advertisement.
    • Postings are FREE of charge (if applicable) when:
      • it is included in the membership, and the above conditions are met.
      • Free classified ads are limited to 1 ad per month; event text-ads may be submitted freely.
      • Text-ad content is limited to 1000 characters (no counting spaces); the bio section, if applicable, to 500 characters (no counting spaces). Other fields should be kept to 1 line (100 characters or less) whenever possible. Refer to the ad form for more details.
  • Pre-design ads for the website consist of:
    • An ad-tittle OR a  thumbnail-size image (resolution = 74 pixel/inch; width: 1inch max, height: 1 inch max.) which links/points to the ad content.
    • The ad content may be a jpg image (resolution = 74 pixel/inch; width: 612 pixels max, height: 792 pixels max), a pdf file, a website.
    • The ad tittle or thumbnail image is displayed under:
      • the Special Offers page.
      • for an additional fee, the right-column or footer area of the website.
  • Pre-design ads for the newsletter: ads may be submitted as a pdf or jpg.
  • The applicant is responsible for providing:
    •  the layout of the desired ad exactly as she/he would like to see it published.
    • Color, photos and layout needs to be completed.
    • The creator of the ad is completely responsible for the layout and accuracy of the content of the ad (e.g.,  color, images, spelling, grammar, dates, address information, etc.).
  • The Terms and Conditions applies for all types of advertisements or promotional material.
  • Refund Policy – No cancellation or refund on advertisements (unless the association declines the posting).